I'll Bring the Wine

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An introduction to wine

If you'd like to learn a little more about wine but are not sure where to start, this tasting is perfect. We'll guide you through the most popular grape varieties, sampling wines from all over the world which are available to buy or have delivered locally.

We'll also give a little demonstration on how the pros taste the wines (though whether you adopt this moving forward it entirely up to you!) and explain some other factors which go into wine making such as region, climate and techniques beyond the vineyard.



Wine tasting London Mavrud

The (wine) road less travelled

From £28pp

If you know your Sauvignon from your Chardonnay and want to broaden your wine horizons, this tasting is for you.

We’ll explore less-familiar wines; whether common grapes grown in less common regions or indigenous wines from emerging areas.

So if you’ve never tasted a Nebbiolo from Mexico or a Bulgarian Mavrud, wonder no more!

As always, all wines will be available to purchase locally or online, so give this tasting a go and find your new wine crush!

Fizz, Fizz, Fizz!

From £32pp

The world of sparkling wine stretches far beyond Champagne and Prosecco, with many believing the future of fizz could lay right here in the South East.

We’ll be tasting some of these new English wines, alongside some French fizz from outside Champagne, some funky Italian sparklings, wines from the new world and fruity reds.

If you haven’t got an excuse to celebrate, we’ll find one!